I am concerned about privacy recording user’s screen.

I am concerned about user privacy recording their screen.

Protecting users’ privacy is one of our biggest priority, and you can mask the video if you’re concerned about recording private information in the video.
The masked part of the video will be shown as gray rectangle, and there are two ways to utilize this feature as below:

  • Use Repro SDK masking API
  • Use the mask setting option from the dashboard

Use Repro SDK masking API

You can use Repro SDK’s masking API to cover up private information by specifying the View or the area you want to mask.

Use the mask setting option from the dashboard

Visit “Settings > Tracking & Recording > Masking Classes” and turn enable/disable masking onto each of the targets; all elements in the app specified here will be masked.

Please note that the UIImagePickerController will always be automatically masked for privacy protection.


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