My app gets a little slow; how can I solve this?

There are 2 ways to solve this:

1. Turn down FPS

Please lower the frame rate(FPS) from Repro website and see if that make it improve. Repro SDK records the screen of the app which makes minimum load on the device is inevitable, yet, this can be lessened by lowering the FPS.

FPS is the number of frames (i.e., no. of still images) per time to process the movie. When the app is set as 5FPS, the SDK will record 5 frames per second. Therefore, lower number of FPS will result as less intensity on the app, which will also lower smoothness of the recorded video.

See below link for how to configure FPS.

2. Record only certain parts of the app

You can also improve the load on the app by avoiding recording during screen intense views such as ones with large images.

However, please note that user action during that period recording is turned off cannot be reproduced later on.

If you still the app gets slow, please drop us a note from the contact page or live chat.


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